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Future Plans

Rsyncrypto is currently running at version 1.xx. This version will not receive any more major upgrades. Version 2 is, currently, only in the planning, but the following features are planned for it


  • Upgrade the decision function to something with cryptographic strength. Research is currently being done to try and figure out what should be done, and what performance and security implications it will have.
  • Change the RSA padding style so repeat encryption will produce identical headers


  • Let he OpenSSL code encrypt more data in one go (currently encrypts one AES block at a time)
  • Find a way to utilize more than 1.5 CPUs concurrently

Modes of operation

  • Support stdin⇒stdout encryption/decryption
  • Allow integration as a rsync "filter"
  • Allow password protected RSA keys
  • Eliminate the need for an external "gzip" command